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GPS Vehicle Tracker - M2

GPS Vehicle Tracker - M2

Give Better Estimated Time-of-Arrivals.

Product details - GPS Personal Tracker - M2

Enhanced Customer Service and respond quicker to customer emergencies, serve more customers, and verify job completion ...

GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker - 100

Monitor driver behavior of your vehicles to reduce costs.

Product details - GPS Vehicle Tracker - M100

Geo-fence, Drive time, Unauthorized usage, Over speed alarm, Cut off the Oil and Power System, Waterproof ...

GPS Personal Tracker - M5

GPS Personal Tracker - M5

Track what's important to you anywhere in the world.

Product details - GPS Personal Tracker - M5

Vehicle Tracking, Child Tracking, Pet Tracking, People Tracking etc. by SMS or internet ...

Online Tracking Software

GPS Tracking by SMS or FREE Internet Application

Monitoring and dispatching has never been so easy.

Free GPS Tracking Software

Our free online tracking software combines real-time robust functionality with a simple, intuitive interface ...


GPS Tracker Philippines

GPS Vehicle Tracker - Amparos M2  Product Details +

GPS Vehicle Tracker - Amparos M2

SOS, Over speed alarm, Fuel alarm, Geo-fence, Movement alarm, Cut off the Oil and Power System, Door alarm...

GPS Vehicle Tracker - Amparos M100 Product Details +

GPS Vehicle Tracker - Amparos M100

Waterproof, GPS/GSM antenna update position, voice monitor, over speed alarm, notification of vehicle fault...

GPS Personal Tracker - M5 Product Details +

GPS Personal Tracker - Amparos M5

Call & Speak, SOS Alert, Shock Sensor Alarm, Geo-fence, GPS blind Spot alert, 3 contact buttons, Check IMEI...


GPS Tracker devises

Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce Fuel Costs and Consumption

Take full control of speeding, wasteful idling, fuel fraud and unauthorized usage.

Improve Productivity

Know where your drivers are and what they are doing to maximize output.

Decrease Labor Costs

GPS fleet tracking makes sure drivers are held accountable for hours worked.

Improve overall safety

Monitor driver behavior to reduce accidents and increase everbody´s safety.

Quicker Response Times

Quicker Response Times

Dispatch the most appropriate driver to get your team to your customers quickly.

Enhanced Customer Service

Respond quicker to customer emergencies and verify job completion.

Receive Insurance Discounts

Save up to 15% on your insurance premiums by installing GPS tracking devices.

Ensure Quick Theft Recovery

Ensure Quick Theft Recovery

Identify vehicle and asset theft as it happens so that you can report its location.

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GPS Tracking System

Amparos GPS Tracker are very easy to-use and we are experts for real-time GPS tracking systems for companies. Using Amparos devices you can track vehicles, peoples , pets, equipment etc. and anything else in real-time and review key activities such as location history, stops, speeding, harsh braking, idling and more.

You can easy setup Geofences (imaginary boundaries on the map) to track when a tracker enter or leave important locations such as home or a client's location. You also receive unlimited text and email for the events you want to monitor. The system makes drivers safer, makes your fleet more efficient and reduces fuel usages by as much as 20%.
Our tracking devices using a high end network to transmit data and provide GPS tracking updates every 10 seconds. Track vehicles, peoples, pets and equipment anywhere using the Amparos mobile apps for Android and iOS phones or our free GPS tracking web-based software.

For Amparos customer a 12 month manufacturer's device warranty, a free web-based GPS tracking software and 24/7 service support are included.



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